Smart Purchase.

Currently 63% of the world’s population lives on less than $4.00 USD/day. In Latin America this situation corresponds to 73% of the population.
The economic system doesn´t helps facilitate this scenario. Today in neighborhoods and slums there is “punishing poverty”, this translates to a 40% surcharge on consumer goods in relation to wealthier neighborhoods. This is due to the illiquidity of lower-income people, leaving them unable to buy formats greater volume, causing more frequent use in smaller containers and ultimately, considerably more expensive.
Algramo aims to establish a wholesale relationship with manufacturers of consumer products such as detergents, rice and oil, among others, in order to buy the products in bulk, not packaged-saving packaging costs significantly without lowering the quality of the product . Thus, bulk suppliers distribute products in stores in large quantities, also reducing logistics costs.

Then the products are marketed through Algramo dispenser machines which have a capacity of +25 kg. These coin-operated dispensers and discharge the amount the customer is willing and able to buy, metered in reusable containers.

The containers are designed to ensure the quality and hygiene and deliver the right amount for daily consumption, and can be returnable, thus not generating waste.

By being reusable this eliminates spending on packaging. The consumer only pays for it the first time you use Algramo and then only pay a fair price for the product as often as you will be eating.
The cost savings of packaging, transportation, marketing and packaging, resulting ultimately in a product considerably cheaper and accessible to the consumer.

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